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[100% Working] How To Fix OGyoutube Not Working Error

Fix For OGyoutube Not Install Error

In this article we are providing solutions which can help you guys to fix problems that your are facing while installing ogyoutube following the solution described in this tutorial we are sure that you are able to solve most of the issues you are facing while using this application.from the origin to the end there are lots of corrections and enhancements are made in this application which is only for the reason to provide comfort to the users while using this application.if you are one of the persons who are facing problem while installing or using this application just follow the below solutions.

Ogyoutube Not Working

The General issues that the Users of Ogyoutube Downloader Application Facing While Trying to Use this Application are Ogyoutube 401 Error,Ogyoutube Not Installing Error,Ogyoutube Sign in Error.In our Article we we have provided proper solutions to solve both of this error.

Solution to Ogyoutube Not Installing Error

while you are trying to Install OGyoutube Downloader if it shows any error like application cannot be installed,the package already exist, unable to install this application or any other errors.It can be solved by following the below techniques which is .
Ogyoutube Not Instaling Error

Just follow the below steps to Solve Ogyoutube Not Installing Error

  • First Uninstall the original Youtube Application from your phone.if it has already installed on your phone.
  • Root your Mobile Before trying to uninstall the original Youtube Application.
  • After completing the process Now try to Install Ogyoutube You will Get the Problem Solved and ogyoutube application will be working fine.

Solution to Ogyoutube Sign In Error

After Getting Ogyoutube application Installed on your handset. Another Common Issue that the people Facing are the ogyoutube sign in in this article we are providing you the solution for avoiding this ogyoutube sign in error just follow the below steps carefully.
Ogyoutube Sign In Error

Just follow the below steps to Solve Ogyoutube Sign In Error

  • Install Google Service Frame Work-GSF
  • Install Google Account Manager-GAM
  • Install Google Play Services-GPS
Download and install the above applications on your handset.make sure that you have uninstalled the ogyoutube application before installing this frame install ogyoutube Application On your Handset and sign in  it will work you guys are facing this problem because you are using custom ROM. so ,updating this Frameworks Manually May Solve your problem that may caused while trying to sign in to ogyoutube application.


The above mentioned techniques are cross-checked by our is working 100% so just follow the above article to solve the issue that your facing while downloading and installing ogyoutube downloader. To get the latest version of ogyoutube just refer our article official ogyoutube Downloader Apk and to download all the Releases of Ogyoutube Application you can refer Latest releases of ogyoutube. Check this New application Vidmate to Download All private videos and Movies and lot more Interesting features Associated With it.

We are Sure that the Above solutions will work perfectly to solve the problem that you are facing while Using ogyoutube. Even after following this article if you face any issues just comment it below we will try our best to give solutions.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

[Updated] Mini Militia Apk Latest Version Free Download

Mini Militia Apk

Mini Militia is an extension of Doodle army 1 which is an action based shooting game with lots of features. The mini militia also known as doodle army 2 is an action based game with heaps of stuffs which are there for fun this action based shooting game contains a good interface and stuffs like guns,rocket launchers,heavy weapons,snipers,grenades and other valuable things like pro player purchase. we can take training in the offline mode with our avatar before entering in to multiple player interface to gain a good control over the Mini Militia game.
Mini militia Apk
Here in mini militia we can play online and also in  offline with 6 to 12 members in group fight which you guys can experience the fun in group fight. the best part is that you can enter in to multiplayer interface of this game without having any internet connection.we can connect our mobiles via local wifi connection which is exactly like an LAN we can make our own particular armed force otherwise known as shooters to explode our adversaries and take'em down in mini militia.

Features of Mini Militia

Mini Militia also known as doodle army 2 is based on the original stick man doodle army.The mini militia was created as a result of combining the feedback and suggestions gathered from the players.there are lot more things you can explore in this updated version of doodle army 2 called as mini militia.In which we have listed out some of the major feature which is improved by listening the players voice.

The features of Mini Militia are :

  • Here in mini militia apk there are explosive online and local multiplayer warfare's.
  • You can find intuitive dual shooting controls for better playing experience .
  • For utilizing the rocket boots for vertical flight there is a world map.
  • Dual wield ability with modern and futuristic weapons and equipment's.
  • Play team based battles by means of either creating an network or joining the existing network.
  • Experience the battle field with the cartoonist background and enjoy the fun in mini militia
These are some of the features which are listed to differentiate the mini militia game from other applications but there are wide variety of things you can explore while playing this game.

Mini militia
mini militia apk


  • Vastly enhanced the pace in which a customer finds an open Quick Play server to play. Most observable at crest utilization (less holding up = more fun!) 
  • Bug fixes expected to bolster forthcoming custom rooms 
  • More programmer/miscreant obstacle fixes approaching (play clean and take after the tenets of engagement.)


In-app purchases
  • estimated area (system based) 
  • exact area (GPS and system based) 
  • perused telephone status and character 
  • change or erase the substance of your USB stockpiling 
  • perused the substance of your USB stockpiling 
  • change or erase the substance of your USB stockpiling 
  • perused the substance of your USB stockpiling 
  • record sound 
Wi-Fi Connection Information
  • view Wi-Fi associations 
Device ID and call Information
  • perused telephone status and character 
  • get information from Internet 
  • keep gadget from resting 
  • view system associations 
  • pair with Bluetooth gadgets 
  • full system access 
  • Google Play permit check


To download this application just follow the below the mini militia apk file provided in this site is gathered from the original source and the file will 100% in your mobiles for that you have to carefully follow each and every steps posted in this mini militia apk free download article.

Follow the below steps to install the Mini Militia Apk file

STEP1: Click the direct Download link gave at the top and bottom of this article to download the apk document of Mini Militia.
STEP2: Go to settings and Enable the external source option to Install the Mini Militi apk.
STEP3: Then open the containing folder of the downloaded document.
STEP4: Click the Downloaded apk document and afterward your gadget will manage you through the installation procedure.
STEP5: After installing the mini militia apk then at  last dispatch the application to utilize it as indicated by your need's.

That's Over friends your finished with the the Download link to get the latest version of Mini militia apk and experience the action based game with multiplayers.


At first we have to the development team of mini militia for giving this wonderful application to the world The copyright for this application is owned by the development team of mini militia we are just a publishers.we provide the latest mini militia app in our site to make our visitors use this application without facing any technical error.

 if are facing any thing like that don't get hesitated to contact us through the contact page or mail us to our will try to notify it to the mini militia development team.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Official YTD™ Youtube Video Downloader Apk For Android

YTD Apk Free Download

YTD Application for Android is the one you need to download on the off chance that you like Youtube and need to Download everything that you are loving to watch in youtube.This application is a gift for youtube Lovers as they can get their most favourite Videos straightforwardly to their internal Storage and can watch it in offline at whatever point they need with no issues Associated with Streaming and buffering .

YTD Video Downloader Apk
This Application is valuable when the user don't have an data Connection and lose the ability of streaming videos.Apart from the user friendly interface it has extra compone connected with in it which makes this application sufficiently worth to Download.This is an extremely helpful application in which you can watch and enjoy the most of your most loved video in offline.

Feautres of YTD

YTD Video Downloader Application is associated with Multiple Features. This application is a great option when you want local copies of your favouriite youtube videos without having a data connection

Features of YTD Downloader are :

  • In this official YTDApplication you can download your personal youtube videos to your device for later playback.
  • This application has the option to choose the resolution of the video before downloading.
  • Tube Downloader has the ability to encode audio from the youtube videos and create a mp3 of that video.
  • This application provides the best user friendly interface which will be convenient for the person using this application.
  • There is a option to Download More than one video at a time.
  • YTD Apk Video downloader has an in build Video player to play the Downloaded video.
for the above reasons we recommend you to download this application from the below link which is a verified Download.

How To Install YTD on Your Mobile 

To Download the Official Version Of YTD apk just Follow the installation Procedure mentioned below.we know that you are tired of Downloading Duplicate Downloads and getting Malwares instead of your application  don't worry we are providing you with the genuine application to download.and we assure that you will not face any problems by means of Downloading application from our site.

Just follow the below steps to install the YTD

STEP1: Just Click the Below Download Apk button to download the official YTD application directly from our site.
STEP2: Then open the containing folder of the application if you area pc user just copy the apk file into your mobile using a data cable.
STEP3: Locate the containing folder of the apk file in your android phone .
STEP4: Click the apk file and follow the installation procedure provided by your device to install the app successfully .
STEP5: After installing launch the application to Download youtube videos and enjoy watching.

we are finished with this procedure go download the application and enjoy watching your most favourite youtube videos offline through our download.

YTD Downloader Apk

We are providing the most genuine and latest update of the YTD video downloader for our is better to check this site regularly to updated with most recent technologies.and this one of the best site which provides genuine downloads to viewers.

These post combines all the essential tricks to download YTD application if you have any suggestions or complaints associated with YTD apk. then just comment your ideas below or contact us through the contact form we provide appropriate solutions to your problem.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

[Featured] Alternative Applications For OGyouTube Free Download Apk

OGYouTube Alternative Applications

In the early articles we Defined what is ogyoutube and how it can be downloaded and used in your Device. but this article is produced with an intend to deliver our viewers with alternative applications which can be used in the place of ogyoutube Downloader.There is no doubt that ogyoutube is an fantastic application to download youtube videos but some users needs  application which is more user friendly than ogyoutube .
OGyouTube Alternatives
so,in this article we provided some of the applications which can be used in the place of ogyoutube.
there are lots of applications available in online to download youtube videos but most of them are not good. in some cases there is chance of downloading malicious software's which can cause problems to our devices. so in this post we have given the list of genuine applications which can be effectively used in the place of ogyoutube .


YTD Downloader for Android is one of the best Application which is created for the purpose of downloading youtube videos.There are about 15,90,000 and more sites which are providing this application for download but there is no guarantee for getting a genuine download.There is a risk of getting spywares and malwares instead of the in we are providing the Officially verified Download of this Application
Check our Article About YTD Downloader to know further about the features of the application and to Download the apk file of this application.

Tubemote Apk

Tubemote Sounds Like TubeMate but it is Totally different.This application  is created by means of replicating the features of tubemate app. which is developed in the stage when tubemate reached to get More and more downloads every day.As like the Similarity between their names this applications have interfaces which are almost common to these applications.but, they have some unique features to highlight their standards.
TubeMote Apk
You can Download the Genuine version of this application through other websites.

WonTube apk

In the Trace of youtube Video downloader Applications Wontube is another Application Which has a unique standard.This application provides the best interface which makes the users Comfortable with this application.Moreover it is one of the application's which provides the facility of Converting the Youtube videos to Any Format and can be downloaded to our Device.
WonTube Apk
This Application Provides a vast variety of Features which are explained in detail in our article Wontube Apk you can download the Apk  file of WonTube through this Article.

There are other application which can be used in the place of ogyoutube but some of them are restricted by google so we did't mention that kind of application in our article you can get them from third party websites.
If you have any suggestions or Doubts regarding this article you can express them the discussion box
or else if you want any technical support regarding this article you can contact us through contact page or through mail us to

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[Latest Version] OGyouTube Apk 10.45.53 Free Download


The ogyoutube is an popular youtube video downloader application which is available in apk extension for download from our official site.we provide the latest version of ogyoutube apk for our viewers where it has updated features from its older versions of ogyoutube. here, in this latest version of og you tube we are provided solutions for certain problems .which will irritate users when they try to download a video through ogyoutube. .

Ogyoutube Latest
The ogyoutube team working upon this problem to solve it and to provide the best youtube video downloader software for the users.This updated official version of ogyoutube apk file contains advanced features from its older this ogyoutube apk file you can explore all the latest features of ogyoutube and can download unlimited videos in the meantime.


In this Latest Ogyoutube apk we provided the file in which most of the issues solved by the ogyoutube team that the users are facing daily .there is no doubt that ogyoutbe is one of the best youtube video downloading software but even a good homer nods this official post we are provided an apk file of ogyoutube with most of the issues solved in it .

Problems Solved with the latest version of OGyoutube

In this latest ogyoutube apk we solved the issue when try to download the video by hitting the download button.
  • Solved the hanging issue of the application while using .
  • Solved the issues associated with the background and screen off play. 
  • Solved the issue upon downloading multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Solved the problem associated with login issues.
  • Solved the problems on playlist and download location. 
Apart from the solved problems this latest version of ogyoutube apk contains advanced features than it's older versions download application and experience it.


To download the Latest version of ogyoutube apk you need to tap the download link that is given in the top and bottom of this need to notice that the apk file we are given to download is an authority download file from ogyoutube.we are careful about what we are providing for our viewers and there is no compelling reason to stress over any Duplicated downloads or spam records.

Follow the below steps to install the ogyoutube Apk file

STEP1: Click the direct Download link provided at the top and bottom of this article to download the apk file of ogyoutube.
STEP3: Go to settings and Enable the source from external resources option to Install the file.
STEP2: Then open the containing folder of the downloaded file.
STEP4: Click the Downloaded apk file and then your device will guide you through the installation procedure.
STEP5: After installing the apk file then finally launch the application to use it according to your need's.
That's Over friends your finished with the steps .click the Download link to get the latest version of ogyoutube.


After downloading this version of ogyoutube we assure that most of the problems that the users were facing while using Ogyoutube application will be solved .instead if you discover any repetition of the issues that you are faced earlier don't get hesitated you can contact us through the mail via the contact form or you can make this session interactive by means of asking your questions through the comment .
On the off chance that you have any solicitation with respect to showing this power download of ogyoutube apk , then simply comment here.We will attempt to handle a large portion of your issues and demand. Basically continue going by this site

you can also check this related post [UPDATED] OGYOUTUBE DOWNLOADER FOR android.

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[Updated] OGyouTube Downloader Apk For Android Mobiles

OGYouTube Apk Free

The OGyoutube is an official youtube client which is likewise utilised as a youtube video downloader. OGYouTube is the one and only youtube video downloader software that can make you download all kind of video that you want from YouTube directly in to your android Mobile's internal storage. In general,ogyoutube works as like the official youtube client exactly.

OGyoutube Apk
but, it is updated with an additional feature that it has a facility to download videos that you have watched or you are going to watch by means of having an download button exactly below each video .by pressing that button it will shows up a pop up page which will lets you choose the quality and format of the media that you want to download and it will writes the video directly into the memory of your android mobile and let you to play the video in your smart phone.

Feautres of OGyoutube

Ogyoutube downloader is most likely the best YouTube download client that you can discover on Android platform,even if there are other youtube video downloader software that are additionally great. Its convenience and interface (the same as YouTube) make it the most ideal option for downloading youtube videos.

The features of ogyoutube are :

  • In this official youtube video dowloader the user can able to download multiple videos in the meantime.
  • The user can be able to Download the video with desired resolutions from *140p~1440p*.
  • The user can convert the video as MP3 file and able download it in the desired Mp3 formats.
  • The user can be able to watch the video on the background & pop up Window.
  • The most innovative feature is that we can able to download the Subtitles of an video.
  • The user can watch the video while the screen is off.
  • More over there is no need to copy and paste the URL of a video to download it. 
for the above reasons we recommend you to download this application and experience the comfort of this user-friendly application.


To download the official version of ogyoutube you have to click the download button to download the apk file directly from our have to notice that the file we are provided to download is an official download file from ogyoutube.we are careful about what we are giving to our viewers and there is no need to worry about any duplicated downloads or spam files.

Just follow the below steps to install the ogyoutube

STEP1: Click the below direct Download link or the play-store download link to download the apk file of ogyoutube.
STEP2: Then open the Containing folder of Ogyoutube Apk file.
STEP3: Before installing the apk file be sure that you have enabled the download from external sources in settings.
STEP4: Click the Apk file and follow the instructions provided by your Device to install the Application. wait for sometime since it take seconds to install.
STEP5: Then Finally Launch The Application To see the Magic and download your favourite videos.

That's all guys you are finished with reading .just click on the link provided below by us to download the ogyoutube apk.


we are providing the latest update of this official youtube client. since ,this site is dedicated for our viewers to provide them latest Updates associated with the ogyoutube it is good to make a regular visit to our site to get all updates associated with this application.

These post fuses bits of knowledge concerning How to Download ogyoutube apk document for android mobiles. Essentially make after all the given strides and welcome this sublime applications on your android portable. I believe you favored this associate with respect to ogyoutube application.

If you have any request as for presenting this authority download of ogyoutube downloader , then just comment here.We will endeavor to handle most of your issues and request. Essentially keep passing by this site
If you face any problem while downloading or installing the ogyoutube application. Refer this article Fix for Ogyoutube not installing Error and Get all the release of ogyoutube for rooted users and all the android versions also try Vidmate and get ogyoutube for Pc and download og-releases like ogwhatsapp and oginstagram.